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Drawings - very quickly done.

Some of these images are available to buy as A4 and A3 

  • I see something that makes me smile, question or I don't understand and have to record the image.

  • I have A4 sketch paper - nothing special - and 2B pencils to record what I have seen as quickly as possible.

  • There are lines, no detail.

  • There will be enough for me to remember for later if they are to become a painting.

  • Some of these may be used to add a watercolour wash. 

Dog Round Tree with the lead caught. Owner frustrated. Line Drawing_
Visiting, Adult and Child
carry bent Flowers
Child gets Cuddle from Crouching Adult
Adults take child for a walk in a Push Chair
child jumps cuddle
A Child leaps excitedly into the arms of an fiend 
Dog Chasing Birds
Dog Round Tree
Line Drawing
Reluctant Dog in the Rain 
Line Drawing

For sale 

Original Line Drawing       A4       A3       A2 

Prints of the original drawings

  • A5 Print  on A4 card ___ inc p&p

  • A4 Print on A4 card  ___ inc p&p

  • A4 Print on A3 card ___ inc p&p 

  • A3 Print on A3 card ___ inc. p&p  


All Drawings 

Signed by the Artist

With Certificate of Authenticity 

Thick White Acid Free Card 290gsm

Posted in plastic pocket and card backed envelopes

All sizes fit standard size frames

Recommend frames with mounts.

Woman with hat and handbag looking right. Thick Line Drawing
A3 Print with Mount in A2 Frame    Display
Woman Looking Right
Man Looking Left
Cat Spying behind tree
three birds

Hallo. People passing but dogs want to meet
Cat round Tree near fence
with severn birds
Granny holding hands with two children.
Alice with Rubbish Bags
Skaters. Mother encouraging Daughters
The Viewing. Showing Painting
The Bow. Thank you.
Applause. My pleasure
The Telling  an adult is admonishing a the child for doing wrong


Buy using PayPal 
Pay from your email 
direct to
Price as seen on each page.

Care will be taking with all packing and delivery.
Returns must be in good condition and suitable packing. 

Copyright of all images remains with the artist unless otherwise negotiated

Runner in the Wind A4 Line
Runner in the Wind.
Hair blown over her face
Three Boys Walking  with Dog
Gossipy Women with Handbags.
Runner in the Wind A4 Line
Cat looking out from behind a Tree at Two Birds
Cat with caught mouse who is fighting back
Cat looking out from behind a Tree
Child on Holiday with Case and Teddy 
Pole Dancer on the Underground
The Dog pulls the Stick Man with a Hat
Logo Sketch woman drawing
Logo    Liz Lees Art
Cat Round Tree three birds
Gossips no bags
Old Man with Big Hat and stick
The Phone call sitting on a wall
Cat beside fence with severn birds
White Cat looking away
Alice with the rubbish bags
The Cyclist Speeding  
The Reader Leaning against a Tree
Blind Mum With Skipping Daughter
Three Dancers in Step
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