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Matty's Oak

Stories of six families in the middle of historical environmental change

Matty's Oak front cover of book

The Friends of Matty's Oak


Matty's Oak stands on a hill a few miles out of town

Every fifty years the Oak is in danger 

The first time was 250 years ago.

Luckily there has always been a Matty to save the Oak -

The Drovers Daughter - saved the Oak from the Road,

The Farm Worker - saved the Oak from the Canal,

The Mill Girl - saved the Oak from the Railway, 

The Young Teacher - saved the Oak from Pollution,

The Boy in War - saved the Oak from War damage

The Protester - saved the Oak from the By-Pass 

The Oak has watched as our lives have changed

Changes - but what will threaten our Oak next in 2040?

Here are the stories of The Friends of Matty's Oak

An Environmental Potted History

of the Industrial changes around a rural setting

Written and Illustrated by Liz Lees


for more information on the 

impact of trees in our environment

1840 Mill owner shown the saw cut

184o The Mill owner see the cut.

1890 More and More Mills

1890 So Many Mills

1990 Protesters Save Matty

1990 Protesters Win 

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 'I spy' and 'Detective Matty'  To Do suggestions
now available with the book.
Maps of changes to follow 

Work is on going to create work cards or 'I spy' ideas
to encourage looking at how we live now
and how life was different in the past 

Book Information
ISBN 978-0-952604-2-9                                   Size 12.9x19cm
      No of Pages 103                                               No of Words 11,711
  Illustrations throughout                                     Children's Fiction
Self Published by Liz Lees with supported by Carnegie Publishing, Lancaster.           
Date of Publication 18.6.18
(First performed as a play touring in the NW funded by English Nature)


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